I´m wailing in pain
      Rules which imprison me
      Chains I will break
      Free myself
      Tear myself

      Falling in Life´s arms
      Cut by her loving arms
      Bleeding from her hits
      Clinging to her arms

      Arms of life
      Which make me scream
      Embracing life
      Loving the pain it brings

      I feel it
      This cruel wonderfull life
      Embrance life
      Laugh in her wonderfull ugly face
      Kiss her lips, taste death
      This cruel beautifull life
      How she looks at me
      Crying and laughing at once.

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      This world....tearing me apart
      Crossing the bounds of sanity
      The coward in the corner
      Screaming for freedom
      looking at me - out of the mirror
      Screaming for freedom

      Dead dreams rotting in this world
      Just let me dream
      I’ll give anything for it

      And in the broken streets
      Rotten corpses walking in the sun
      Coward , hiding from yourself
      Just make me break
      I love this cruel live which makes me wail from the pain inside
      Forever embracing myself
      Trying to break myself

      Run away and break
      Scream for this child inside me,
      Killed by the past itself
      Running from the prison build by my heart

      I love this heartless world
      Make me hate it
      So it wouldn´t be that painful

      Just make me shatter this prison
      Or make me shatter myself
      please let me dream
      I don´t want to live in this dead body
      embrancing the pain called live-forever
      forever so this dream won’t happen