ZITATE zum lächeln oder nachdenken Vol. 3

      "Don't make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions."

      (Triff keine permanenten Entscheidungen, die auf temporären Gefühlen basieren.)

      Ursprung unbekannt, aber an dem Spruch ist echt viel dran... ich bin dabei, ihn zu verinnerlichen.
      ~ Memories that touch our hearts will never fade away ~
      "online communities are so strange because people slip away so easily. you can be on here for years, folding people you've never met into the fabric of your daily life, and then they disappear, leaving only ghost posts scattered across tumblr behind. or their blog stays dormant, for weeks, months, years, until you're only still following them because you remember that they love sunflowers or they were kind to you when they didn't have to be or the last thing they posted was sad and raw and you still worry about them sometimes.

      and sometimes they come back when you least expect it, years later, even, and there's this sudden rush of relief like there you are, there you are, even though you barely knew each other.

      there's a strange kind of love to it. i don't know you and i want to hold your hand across miles and time zones and oceans. i can still see the imprint of you in this community you left. you don't think anyone will notice or care when you're gone, but we notice and we care and we wish you well.

      i hope you're all okay out there. i hope the sun is shining on your face and you are breathing deeply. i miss you."

      [von Tumblr User presentlydean, gefunden auf der Facebookseite Vellum & Vinyl]

      ~ Memories that touch our hearts will never fade away ~
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